Exposing the Internet scams and Fraud sites like Paid Surveys, Paid emails, Mystery Shopping, eBook Scams and so on.
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 Where to start

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PostSubject: Where to start   Fri Dec 14, 2007 1:39 am

I watched a couple friends and family members get taken by the “Get Rich Quick” schemes. Now I am going to lay out just how and why these work and don’t work.

All I ask is if you find any of this interesting and helpful at all, then please use the PayPal Donate button and make a donation of whatever you wish. I do need to cover my costs that are involved in bringing you this kind of content. Don’t donate at all is fine with me. My major purpose is that you find this information useful and hope it helps you not get caught in the rich quick schemes.

I will also have links for you to download FREE eBooks that others sell even though they are NOT supposed to charge for them!

Funny part is there are only a handful of people that wrote these books but yet at least 30,000 people are selling them! They didn’t write these and 90% of those people are not selling the ebooks themselves but when you click a link to purchase one, it is an “Affiliate” Link. Meaning they only get a commission and selling you nothing you couldn’t get from the original seller and MOST probally at a cheaper cost!

95% of the ebook industry is “affiliate” related.

Ever see adds stating you can rich by selling their product only to find out its an ebook and you will promote their ebook and make money by selling that book for them? Chances are they themselves are Affiliates! I have seen bottomfeeders as low as 10 deep, meaning if you are 10th, you are selling for joe blow who is selling for fred who is selling john and so on. Person 2 would get maybe 35 to 50% commission, person 10 might be lucky to see 2%.

Thing is the book probally started off at $9.99 and the price gets jacked at each tier and ends up being $99.00.

That’s one scenario, Another is A guy wants to sell his ebook for $9.99, He wants to use Affiliates to do this, He promises a 35% commission, so he has to jack the price up to $19.99. Then he figures out that the he would like more affiliates pushing his book. To make it worth their while, he jacks the the commission to 50% and the price of the book goes to $39.99

That is a basic of how ebooks are priced.

In General, ebooks under $10.00 either don't have affil’s or when you look in the ebook it has links to the sellers “other” products.

That’s called “priming” He makes money getting you interested enough to make further purchases!

Find any of this interesting so far?

Keep reading! One of the biggest things right now is Adsense, A trademark of Google. Google is a great source and storming its way through the internet! If you can buy stock. Buy theirs!

Adsense is a way of making money by them putting adds on your website, blogsite, whatever. That’s great!

Now the misuse,,, the get rich quick guys.

Adsense puts adds on your site that are “related” to your sites content. Other words, If you have a site about dogs, they will have adds pertaining to dogs and related items. Great! But the get rich guys will make bogus websites and blog pages with a few lines of content called a subject and then fill it with adsense adds! They use keywords in the headers so the page gets picked up. They constantly do searchs for the most searched words and phrases and build that site upon that.

You say whats wrong with that? Nothing unless you have morals. There are tons of these sites and blogs popping up that are nothing but harvest sites.

Beware also of using your email address on any of these. Say you goto a dog blog site, you make a post, you have to use an email. The owner takes your email along with the others and sells them to dog specific companies looking to make sales. So now this guy is making money from the adds and harvesting emails to sell lists to content specific companies.

I am going to stop on this subject for the moment.

Do check back as I will be updating this site every few days. I have a lot more in this area to say and share. But can only so much in a night!

Like I say, If you find any of this useful, please quick the PayPal Donate button and make a donation. Heck even 25 cents is better then nothing.
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Where to start
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