Exposing the Internet scams and Fraud sites like Paid Surveys, Paid emails, Mystery Shopping, eBook Scams and so on.
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 The list never ends!

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PostSubject: The list never ends!   Mon Dec 17, 2007 6:15 am


Heres another NOT GOOD site.

Says they are a review site that will protect you from being scammed by the survey scam sites.
They will show you the REAL sites for a low low cost of $69.95
But WAIT! You will get that back within your first hour! You will make $75.00 at least for each survey you take. They have a list of at least 600 survey sites that pay AT Least $75.00 a survey!

Are you drooling yet? affraid

Don't! Dont ask me how, But I can use a special search technique that sometimes allows me to get past their pay page (rule of thumb, if I can do this, then they are not a real site and do NOT use "https" secure server. Meaning your credit card info goes everyhwere.
Well guess what I got the list! So far what I seen is all the bogus survey sites! and each has his Affiliate link added to it!
Wow he is watching out for you huh? lol!

well this one gets me Evil or Very Mad rating
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The list never ends!
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