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 SCAM: Inboxdollars.c*m

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PostSubject: SCAM: Inboxdollars.c*m   Sat Dec 15, 2007 2:06 am

Heres one of those Paid to Read Email and survey sites!
They have "Play games for Cash"!

All a scam...
The surveys are like most others, Take the survey for a company, then you MUST signup with the company, purchase their products, When inboxdollars gets the ok from the company that paid for products as asked, then you get your money.

Heres an example...
"Make 5.00 for an ebay survey"
There is NO survey! It takes you to ebay. You "agree" to get an account on ebay and "agree" to make a purchase of at LEAST 50.00. You must do this within 30 days, and ebay will within 90 days ok the 5 bux to inbox IF you keep your account and make good on your purchase.

Wow, not a scam?

--Playing games for cash! Oh MY, I can get payed for playing a game online! I didn't fall off the turnip truck! I was RAN OVER by it!

You MUST sign up with this game company, you MUST prepurchase time with your credit card to have money in the game account.
You then pay by the minute for playing the games. Inbox will in return pay you "0.05" per every dollar you spend on that site!

Wow! I am bloody well rich now!

--Paid to read email! Heres how it works..
They send you an invite to read an email, it opens up in a browser, you must leave it there for 30 seconds, then you must click the "click here to prove you read this" which (shocking) takes you to the email advertisers website to purchase the item you just looked at!..
These can pay anywhere from 1/2 cent to 3 cents. You get a $5.00 to signup with Inbox dollars.

I personally have done this and have a whole $10.03 in my account for looking through 1000 emails. LOL
Because of the way the survey things work I do not do those. I did one that was a genuine survey for $2.00 that ended up being led to QualityHealth and having to singup for spam and surveys with them to get that $2.00.

Now the kicker, You can NOT request any funds to be sent to you UNTIL you reach at least $35.00 in your account!
Only 34,000 more emails to go and I will be able to get that!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: SCAM: Inboxdollars.c*m   Sun Dec 16, 2007 11:13 am

I got them also, I do like you say, I just click it and then close it.
I have a whole $6.74!
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SCAM: Inboxdollars.c*m
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