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 TIPS For Signing up for survey sites

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PostSubject: TIPS For Signing up for survey sites   Sat Dec 15, 2007 1:43 am

Want to know who is selling your info?
Suspect a survey site as a spammer?

I have a couple methods for this.

One when filling out an account I use a middle name, or no room for a middle name I write my first name like this...

Richard D

Now, for every different site I use a different initial for each site. When I run out of initials, I double them as in Richard DA

Another GREAT tool is GMAIL.com sign up for free email accounts, you can get like twenty of them. Actually when you goto the email page of one your accounts, you will find a link on the lower left for "invites" that will allow you to email anyone with an invite to get an email address. You get 100 invites. I invite myself 40 times!
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TIPS For Signing up for survey sites
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