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 SCAM: yourfreesurveys 8 to 30 dollar surveys!

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PostSubject: SCAM: yourfreesurveys 8 to 30 dollar surveys!   Sat Dec 15, 2007 12:06 am

LOL, Another company in the dredges of spam heaven!

Sign up and then you get these emails saying "get 1.00 for an automobile 1 page survey!" Then you check it out, do the survey and see it takes you to an insurance company, You must then sign up with them, get a quaote and accept it to get your 1 dollar from the survey company.

then you see this...
"$13 SURVEY INVITATION - You are invited to participate in a $8 Stamp survey, a $5 Music Survey, & more "

The stamp survey is you MUST signup with (unnaming the company) and join the 1 year contract of using them for your stamps and postage, there is a 35 monthly fee and you must PRE purchase 90 dollars worth of postage with thm.
Then you will get the 8 dollar stamp cash.

$5 music survey, sign up a year prepaid contract with the (unnamed company) and you can get your 5 bucks. So lets see, to get your 13 bucks for taking a so called survey, you spend about 250.00!

lolol, Thing that gets me is I check other forums and the forum owners post sites like these saying they are good and pay well. lol You can make 300 a month off survey like this one! Yeah but spend 2000.00 doing it!

Theres your catch.
It pays to be very carefull when looking around forums wondering if certian survey sites are real or not.

I just went to 4 different forums that came up from a search for "survey site scam"
And on these forums the site operator says, Oh yeah, heres a list of Good REAL survey sites! I personaly checked these! ANd I check the sites and 99% are bogus sales sites.
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SCAM: yourfreesurveys 8 to 30 dollar surveys!
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