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 SCAM: paidsurveys.besthomejobs

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PostSubject: SCAM: paidsurveys.besthomejobs   Fri Dec 14, 2007 2:49 pm

Wow, this one is GREAT, says you can make 7000 to 9000 a week!
Then why he telling anyone about it!

When you visit his site the popups broke through my popup stopper! Swarmed me. I was closing popups faster than david carradine could kung fu flies out of the air! Twisted Evil
Then I was at the front door! Might looking door! went on and on about how much money I can make! even had a javascript calculator to figure out my earnings!
Then came the sales pitch! For his lowest package was a mere $60.00 NON Refundable price I coulld get a list!
Oh Man, my mouth was watering! NOT! affraid
If he makes so much cash, why such a cheap popup site.

Once if you have to pay for it, its NOT worth it!

With a little searching you can find the real stuff.
When I get time this weekend I will post some of the real ones that actually pay!

Did anyone know Microsoft actually has focus groups that pay decent? Nope! They search the net and if they find their name on these so called lists, they haul those peeps into court!

The good one will not be on any list that someone sells. Thats part of the grand scheme to keep out the wrong type!
True survey sites want honest peeps. Not peeps that will take a survey and lie about everything so they can keep getting surveys!
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SCAM: paidsurveys.besthomejobs
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