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 SCAM: surveypro.c*m

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PostSubject: SCAM: surveypro.c*m   Fri Dec 14, 2007 2:40 pm

They just keep coming! Goto their page, look how professional it looks! Would make someone stand up and say HEY! I want to be a part of that!!!!

Then they send you stupid stuff like "Get a 500 dollar gift card" from one of the top retailers by taking this survey!"

Then goto the survey and see in fine print buried in the bottom "to be eligible you MUST sign up for at 2 of the participating adds here and then join 2 silver plans from these retailers. Silver plans are signing up to spend a few grand here and there." LOLOL
I love these things!
Now tell me, you still think you can make 500 a day doing surveys!
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SCAM: surveypro.c*m
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