Exposing the Internet scams and Fraud sites like Paid Surveys, Paid emails, Mystery Shopping, eBook Scams and so on.
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 Heres a GREAT touch!

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PostSubject: Heres a GREAT touch!   Fri Dec 14, 2007 2:16 pm


This site boasts about the trickery of survey sites and how they will rip you off. and for a fee he will give you the real list to get real paid surveys.
LOL. While on his front page he has like 20 sites shown to use that the Better Business Bureau has tagged as con's!
One site he lists as being the best on the net is freepayingsurveys. lol
This alone creates a whole new breed, Not actually as I am used to seeing stuff like this.

I mention on a blog that even though if you want to find out if a site is scam or not, just goto google and type in the name of the site and then add scam after it, hit search
You will find plenty of material from users like you that will post their experiences about said places.
Now heres the real trick to this...
Pay attention to the search results, you will see sites like the one above which is VERY misleading! they use it as "Oh we can show you the real deal, We hate these scam sites, you get suckered into either paying for their bogus list or get a list of sites that has his affiliate link on them, guess what? he doesn't care about any scams! he's part of it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a dollar. But to lead you to believe he is watching out for you by pointing you in the right direction while making money selling you the bogus material he is bashing! wow!
The guts some of these internet pirates have!
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Heres a GREAT touch!
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