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 How to get PAID for each and every GreenField Survey

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PostSubject: How to get PAID for each and every GreenField Survey   Fri Jan 25, 2008 1:40 am

I love the company, but you will run into gobs of surveys that just get your name in a drawing.
They seem to have their own surveys through upsurvey router and have a heck of lot of OTX surveys.

I mentioned in the past about going straight to OTX and get paid for every survey they have there. No OTX survey at greenfield pays.

Now, what I have researching the company of www.creationrewards.net is (remember they are the ones I said sign up for but ONLY take their daily surveys) I have found there are two types of surveys you can take there OTX and Opinonoutpost. The opionoutpost are Greenfield surveys! They will have the greenfield logo and help email addy on them. And guess what, you get paid for each and every one!
At Creationrewards, you are allowed to take 2 surveys a day, each survy pays 110 points. Once you reach 1000 points, you can draw your money. as you can see at 110 points per survey, it doesnt take long at all with 220 points allowed each day.
remeber though, ONLY do those 2 surveys at that site. the other stuff they have can be quite spamful.

The OTX and Greenfield surveys you will take there are never more thn 15 minutes.
Its not a lot of money, but if you like taking surveys and get something for it, might as well do it there as to do it for free.
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How to get PAID for each and every GreenField Survey
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