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PostSubject: www.pollingpoint.com   Thu Jan 17, 2008 7:40 am

Here ya go! You want to voice your opinion in government matters?

Go to this site and join. They have a pretty amazing pay scale.
You take polls like the ones for the presidntial debates happening and receive points.
Those points can be traded in for merchandise or (the part I like) Cash!

50 thousand points gets a 50 dollar bond.
100 thousand points gets 100 bucks cash!
And you know what, its not hard to do!
You get 1000 points for signing up. I did a 8 minute poll which lasted 5 minutes when I signed up and got 2000 points.
Then I was invited for another 5 minute poll and got 2000 points again. So a total of 12 minutes and had 5000 points
wont take long at this rate to get taht 100 bucks!
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