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 SCAM: producttestpanel.com

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PostSubject: SCAM: producttestpanel.com   Thu Jan 10, 2008 2:30 am

There is another company with similar name that is ok, but NOT this one.
You will never do a survey and the survey you take will generate leads for them to send you spam trying to sell you the services and products that had something to do with the survey you just took.
A Giant in the spam mail distribution.

What alot of people dont understand is signing up for companies like this, You give them the legal eagle they need to legally spam you.
Most of these companies are just lead generating sites.
Spam laws have made it a serious offense to spam you. But if they can get you to a site like these and you sign up for that site. You are asking for the spam.

One of the good tricks in a real survey compnay is they will pass your stats to the researcher. NOT your name and address and email. Real research companies can care less about that, they want data and your demographics.

ALways look at the TOS (Terms of Service) on any site before signing up.
If you see "third Party" mentioned, read that over and over. You are probally signing up to lead generating site.
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SCAM: producttestpanel.com
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