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 SCAM: CashCrate

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PostSubject: SCAM: CashCrate   Wed Jan 09, 2008 4:04 am

wow, what a place! another one of those dollardays sites. You sign up for bunchs and bunchs of accounts to make money and then hurry up and cancel your orders.
Heres an exert from their "super moderator" on their forum...

quote "irst of all, i suggest not using your real email to put in the information.
2nd , i suggest getting a different email EACH time you do a survey of the SAME company. i usually tell if its the same company by seeing the layout of the survey.

also, use CCleaner from CCleaner.com and run that program after every few surveys. helps to make the surveys think you are a different person, and then they credit you, because most surveys dont credit the "same person/ same email" twice."

LOL, Telling you in bold public to lie to these companies that they get you to sign up with, telling you to how to clear your cookies so you can use a different email and keep taking the same surveys!

Then I started noticing people sayin they are not "confirmed" anymore. CashCrate says if the companies dont pay them then they cant get paid to pay you!.

You think that maybe the companies they are signed with might have just read their forum and seen they are ripping them off!

Wow the gall of some of these sites!
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SCAM: CashCrate
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