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 SCAM: dollarpays.com

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PostSubject: SCAM: dollarpays.com   Wed Jan 09, 2008 12:59 am

wow, go there and look in the forums. Its another inbox dollars place only one that has tanked big time. All the users have not been paid since October and they are hot!

I find companies like that scams anyway, they say you can get money by signing up for free accounts at places, but 95% of thos you sign up for a service or a product and you MUST give your creditcrad number. Then you have to cancel with the company before the 30 day trial is up or they will charge your credit card.

To me this is frauding the companies you are signing up for. And the reason dollpays can no longer pay their members is they didn't realize once a member cancels their service with one of the sign up companies, then the company gets their money back from dollarpays that was their commision.
Inbox is still in business because it knows this and its member are not credited for anything until after that 30 days is up.
Interesting how marketing works!
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SCAM: dollarpays.com
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