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 3000+ Channels on your PC. Download and Watch in 2 minutes!

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PostSubject: 3000+ Channels on your PC. Download and Watch in 2 minutes!   Sat Jan 05, 2008 11:11 am

Do NOT fall for this when you see it. Here is another perfect example of impulse buyers. Look on eBay for the satellite on your pc and then look at the feedback people are leaving. The websites that are selling this give you a mocked up version of Windows media player version 6.4 that has a builtin playlist that goes to "FREE" tv sites!

Search for free tv stations and you can watch over 5000 of them without any need of installing any type of player!
So many people and so many scams! lol
Most of the channels that come in that so called software connect you to moviez.com stage6.com mytv.com youtube.com and so on.

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3000+ Channels on your PC. Download and Watch in 2 minutes!
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