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 BOGUS: SItes that say they are providing you with the best

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PostSubject: BOGUS: SItes that say they are providing you with the best   Sat Jan 05, 2008 11:05 am


I post this link so you can see why I started this Forum.

Take alook at his "Certified to best survey companies on the net!"
Now this is exactly why I started this. All that site is another point of sale site. He has no regard for your online safety. Look how explains a few of the so called good sites, then check for yourselves about the sites he says are real. Survey explosion. He says he is a member and that is the best paying one out of all them.
Then on the left he has ecn listed as bad but survey explosion INSISTS you sign up with ecn to be a member of them also.

He also rates inboxdollars as the best survey and highest paying survey company. LOL

Do notice he has no foru, that should clue you in that he is not for real.
Plus Click on ANY of his links to and about survey sites, They are ALL affiliate links!

After sites like his is when I started to create this forum. I research what I can and hopefully others will put some info also on their experiences.

Thanks for looking and PLEASE stay away from these type of sites!

BTW. Through some google research I see he has bid $9.00 on the keyword "Survey"
SO he will popup in googles search. How does he pay for that? you! clicking his links!

I have 11 other websites in total. I run google adsense as my add server. I get paid aprox 12cents IF anyone ever clicks on one of my adds. On this forum, I have no google adds what so ever. I get nothing from here.
I do have a donatioon button at the top of the main index if anyone cares to use it. The donations would go to possibly buy an addword campain to put these type of theives in the back pages of google where they belong.
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BOGUS: SItes that say they are providing you with the best
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