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 DRopshipping! Do's and Don'ts

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PostSubject: DRopshipping! Do's and Don'ts   Sat Jan 05, 2008 1:12 am

You ask "Should I become a powerseller! How can I do this and NOT use a dropshipper! I will make a killing by never having to touch a product!"

There are a few, very few succesfull eBayers that use dropshipping. You can find for real companies that give a genuine bargain.

Most newbie seller to ebay fall for the "Get this dropship list" and find a list of dropshippers that are the worst of the worst!

Heres some Provedn points to ponder when using dropshippers....

1. Most dropshippers have a ship time of 2 to 4 weeks
2. You can't physically see what you are buying so how can you know what you are selling.
3. 90% of sellers on ebay using dropshippers have some serious bad feedback, Mainly shipping probs and quality of the items.

Recommendations. If you are wanting to try a dropshipper. Sign up with them "never one you pay to be a member, real dropshippers do NOT charge you for access. You are helping them sell more product so that helps them. not you paying for a membership."
Now BEFORE you sell anything on ebay from a dropshipper. Test the waters! Make a couple purchases through them and have the items dropped anywhere but your place. Have a couple relatives ready to accept delivery of the items with their address's. You will find if you purchase something from your dropshipper, you will get it fast and the item will be everything you thought it was. But make the first few purchases with different shipping address's and watch what happens. Thats when the true colors of your dropshipper come out.

This is something I learned through a few years of experience. Trial and error will make or break anyone or any company. So take head when people post tips like this.

How do I find legit dropshippers?
You can google and yahoo for dropshippers. Remember that with yahoo and google. the first few "quite a few" pages of results are people that have paid for the search engine placement. so you are getting companies that in most part are not as legit as they look.
Google has a program called "adwords" Where as and advertiser you bid on certian keywords. for placement in their search engine. Google is still the best search engine out there BUT they are also very very commercial at this point. They own the patent on Page Ranking software.
Now how this works is, say I have product as a dropshipper. I bid on the word "dropshipping" The dollar amount I bid on will determine my position in googles search results! In the term dropshipping, there must be (example) 10000 dropshipping sources. THEN there is 50000 affiliates to those dropshipping sources, almost everyone of them used addwords to get placement in googles search engine. See now how google can afford to do what they do and grow as fast as they have?

So now you have 60000 dropshipping sources paying to be in googles search engine. You search for dropshipping and see there are aprox (example) 1000000 serach results. Guess what, start NOT with the first page but go back quite a few pages and start looking there.
Now this is depending on your search terms. this is not true of everything on google but as a while yes.
You might also take it in this manner. "Well the first few pages are going to be the guys that bid the most moeny so they must have quite an income base which would mean they must be a good company!" That is NOT nessecarily true. Alot of those will be those dropshippers that charge you for access to their site and thats how they can outbid a legit company for the keyword search. Starting to see how this works?

I can go on more about this subject but i would be here awhile. WHat i will do is drop it here and if anyone would like any further clarification, feel free to ask whatever you wish.

Summary, Does dropshipping work? Yes.
Will dropshipping help me with a long lasting relationship with eBay and its bidding buyers? In most part, NO
eBay's business is built upon Impulse buying. Thats why "buy it now" has overtaken ebays "auction" theme. No one wants to bid and win and then wait 2 to 4 weeks for their item. I dont care how great the product is, it will in the long run generate some pretty unfair feedback.
there are alot of legit ways to become a powerseller without using dropshippers. stay tuned for some of those ways...
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DRopshipping! Do's and Don'ts
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